batteries and oils

there are specific bins to recycle oils and batteries in the municipality of Guimarães that are collected for subsequent valuation, thus reducing pollutant gas emissions in their production. furthermore, this process prevents them from being thrown into the wastewater drainage networks or being mixed with bio-waste.

oil separation
to deposit your oil, you must follow some basic rules that will allow the chosen location to be kept clean, odourless or free of any other public health issues.


how to proceed
pour the oil once it is already cold into a plastic bottle or carboy and close it well. do not add non-food oils such as car oils, thinners or varnishes. always use plastic bottles or carboys that close well. do not use glass bottles.

if you are a payt user, put the bottle at your door.

battery separation
after its usage, you must deposit the batteries and accumulators, including all types of portable batteries, from mobile phones to computer batteries, in the bin specifically destined for batteries. these bins are normally located next to the street recycling bins but they are also at super and hypermarkets. separating batteries and sending them to be recycled prevents their materials, including heavy metals, from contaminating the soil and water.

in some sets of recycling bins, you can find a small red bin for used batteries.