circular urgezes

Based on national and international policies in the transition from a Linear Economy to a Circular Economy appears the Circular Urgezes project. Originating from an application of the Parish Council of Urgezes and the Landscape Lab to the notice “Circular Economy in Parishes (JUNTAr +)”, of the Environmental Fund, promoted by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action. “Act local, think global” was defined as the project’s motto, with a panoply of activities focused on Circular Economy, following the foundations of the “Guimarães 2030” Governance Ecosystem: Educate, Raise Awareness, Involve, Share, Research and Communicate. Circular Urgezes then emerged with three areas: “Educate & Transform”, “Prolong & Repair” and “Enhance & Innovate”, building environmental education and awareness actions open to the community; the transformation of a warehouse for the collection and repair of end-of-life products that until now was in disuse; of practical sessions aimed at the repair and enhancement of products; the promotion and enhancement of the sale of second-hand products/equipment and the signage and renovation of shops with history in the Parish, dedicated to the extension of the useful life of equipment. All actions converge to the global design of the new Action Plan for the Circular Economy, and the local strategy RRRCICLO, with the reintegration of products in the market and the reduction of waste, contributing to a truly sustainable economic model.