organic waste collection

the organic waste collection in Guimarães is carried out by vitrus ambiente through the payt system, door-to-door or in street collectors.
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collection for domestic users

selective collection of organics is in implementation phase and may not yet be available to you. find out if you can already separate organics for collection.

collection for hotels, restaurants and schools
some hotels, restaurants, cafes, and schools in the county can now separate organic waste from regular trash. know the collection times and learn more about the service.

green organic waste
waste from gardening, green leaves, fresh grass and small branches must be separated and sent for composting. you may schedule the collection with the municipal services or deposit them in an ecocentre in Guimarães.

you can already separate organic waste for composting. there are community compost bins throughout the whole municipality of Guimarães and you can also do it at home. know everything there is to know about composting in Guimarães and, if you live in the municipality, order your compost bin now.