paper and cardboard

paper and cardboard must be put in the blue recycling bin. after being sent to recycling, these materials can be recycled up to seven times. 

what can I separate?
to recycle paper, it cannot be contaminated. this material is very absorbent, and it tends to absorb liquid or greasy products when it comes in contact with them, which makes it impossible for them to be recycled.

to put in the recycling bin
– cereal boxes
– writing paper
– envelopes
– cookie boxes
– bottle packs
– printing paper
– wrapping paper
– egg cartons
– telephone directories
– letters
– paper bread bags
– pet food bags
– newspapers
– magazines
– pizza boxes (grease-free)

not to put in the recycling bin
– adhesive paper
– cement bags
– plastic paper
– wipes and diapers
– aluminium foil
– dirty tissues
– greasy cardboard boxes
– dirty napkins and paper towels
– packages of chemical products