textile waste and masks

Integrated in the RRRCICLO strategy, Guimarães develops from post-consume textile waste blankets and cloth bags, as well as hangers and supports for cell phones from disposable masks.
The initiative is the responsibility of the Municipality of Guimarães and Laboratório da Paisagem.


In order to face the 5% of textile residues present in the undifferentiated garbage of the citizens of Guimarães, a strategy was adopted for the separation and collection of textiles, avoiding their disposal in landfills.
Since the implementation of this strategy 20 tons of post-consumption textiles were collected and recovered in 140 blankets, distributed by the cafes’ terraces in the historic center and municipal kennel, and 800 cloth bags, distributed by the municipal market.
Containers for the selective collection of textiles were also placed in the four secondary schools of the municipality, which will later be forwarded for recovery and production of new cloth bags and new blankets.


After the pandemic, and to face the scourge of more than 25 thousand disposable masks collected, 5,000 hangers were created and distributed to shopkeepers and hoteliers in Guimarães, and 2,000 cell phone holders, distributed to the students of the schools that would contribute the most to the collection of masks during the pandemic.

These innovative projects include partners such as To Be-Green, the CVR – Center for Waste Recovery and Vitrus Ambiente and aim to increase citizen awareness for the separation and recovery of waste with major impacts on the environment, demonstrating a true commitment of Guimarães in the transition to a circular economy.

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