Educate, reduce, value

The “Aqualastic: Educar, Reduzir e Valorizar” project came from an approved application to the Environmental Fund of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action, headed by the Landscape Laboratory and Extruplás.

The main goal is to raise awareness on the reduction of plastic impact on the ecosystems. The creation of an “EcoBarreira” prototype in one of Guimarães’ urban watercourses as well as the creation of customised filters for waste retention in rainwater drains are some of the solutions we will develop.

Besides that, “Aqualastic” includes an important axis of citizens’ education, training and awareness-raising for the reduction of plastic use, by developing communication campaigns and environmental education actions. 

The circular economy promotion will be another focus, which actions aim at waste dissemination strategies and valuation projects, namely the single use plastic waste as well as the own valuation of collected waste through the green infrastructures created.

The “Aqualastic: Educar, Reduzir e Valorizar” has a total budget of 63 thousand euros. 

The Environmental Fund aims to support environmental policies for the pursuit of the Sustainable Development goals of the 2030 Agenda, adopted by the United Nations.