sustainable tips

there are simple measures everyone can take to Reduce, Reuse and Reintegrate. these are the key words to reach the targets set by the European Union until 2030, and we can all participate! here are the tips!

the first step to a more ecological and sustainable life starts when we purchase things. consuming only what we really need and opt for sustainable products will constrain the market and force the companies and sellers to start offering products that are even more ecological and at competitive prices.

three tips to rrreduce
1. make shopping lists
2. avoid disposable items
3. choose durable products

reusing is now fashionable, and, besides the ecological advantages, you can save in your household economy. in addition to being able to opt for reusable products, most times it is also possible to use a single use product more than once. with some creativity, we may even give new uses to things we no longer need! in the end, when it is no longer possible to reuse the product, the option to recycle it is almost always available.

three tips to rrreuse
1. use reusable items, as cloth napkins or a water canteen
2. reuse disposable glass jars for other products
3. repair, sell or donate clothes

currently 44% of the waste we produce is of organic origin. by separating, composting and reintegrating this waste into nature, we are returning to the earth the organic matter it gave us to live on. contributing to the maintenance of this life cycle is an obligation of all people.

three tips to reintegrate
1. separate the organic residues for later collection by the municipality of Guimarães
2. do home composting
3. use the compost as a natural fertilizer